Reasons Why Brandon Larracuente will be your new Netflix crush

Apr 15, 2017, 01:16
Reasons Why Brandon Larracuente will be your new Netflix crush

Netflix's unflinching new drama 13 Reasons Why made some major changes from its source material, Jay Asher's 2007 novel of the same name, but one of the most significant was the ending. He even revealed that revolves around the characters in the first season. Once again, 13 Reasons Why is one of those shows with an important message that has been very well demonstrated and explained with what we have seen and show us more would trivialize this darkness, this pain and this violence.

It's easy to speculate on whether #13ReasonsWhy really needed to be as graphic as it was. It touches on rape, bullying, love and, most importantly, suicide. I mean, let's face it, if this was a movie it would easily be rated R for violence, language, teen substance abuse, suicide and sexual content.

It brilliantly tied together narrated flashbacks about Hannah along with present day scenes that are both haunting yet emotional as well as Clay reminiscing about his time with her and having his own vivid dreams about Hannah which makes him wish that he could have done more to help her. The situations have the feel of reality. It gets annoying when everyone says it constantly and in no certain context.

It's safe to say that positive responses to 13 Reasons Why have been flooding in. For example, over at HBO the team behind Big Little Lies doesn't seem to be remotely interested in the idea of continuing the story without groundwork laid via the source material. When one person warns, "Whatever happens to us, happens to you", he darkly responds, "So if I kill myself, you die too?". Porter. At some point, the author reveals that he has thought of doing a sequel, but has eventually decided not doing it, thus, making him eager to see how the story will continue.

As viewers, it's very likely that we wouldn't have been so heavily impacted if we wouldn't have seen what Clay's visions were. Asher said that they are yet to deal with the consequences of their actions towards Hannah and Tyler. Porter as well as we did. Because of this, we'd recommend teens 15 and older delving into the series. Kids just have a way of being disgusting to one another and when it comes down to it, kids are just ruthless at times.

In my opinion, this new Netflix original series is bad and here the reasons why.

Yes, it is very hard to watch Hannah slit her wrists with a razor blade, but I don't think the show producers included the entire event to be gratuitous; I think it was included to show that suicide is in no way glamorous, and to reiterate that it is not something that we should shy away from talking about.

The show has a 30-minute special feature called "13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons". A prime example of this could be Zach's tape. That's why I always keep my mouth closed, until it's something that goes too far.