Simms moves over to 'Inside the NFL' on CBS

Apr 20, 2017, 08:58
Simms moves over to 'Inside the NFL' on CBS

At right, in a January 12, 2016, file photo, Phil Simms participates in the "CBS Sports" panel at the CBS 2016 Winter TCA, in Pasadena, Calif. Simms is heading to the studio as part of the CBS program "NFL Today".

Shortly before CBS made its Romo/Simms announcement, Gonzalez announced he was leaving the "NFL Today" - the network's pregame studio show - because of the strenuous travel involved (the future Hall of Famer lives in Los Angeles but the show is filmed in New York). The network replaced him with Romo, the longtime Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback who retired earlier this month after an injury-plagued 2016.

As CBS Sports found out two weeks ago, talent changes at sports networks rarely go smoothly. "I would like to set the record straight that I was not aware that [CBS Sports Chairman] Sean McManus had called my father's agent, Steve Rosner, the day before the news broke to let him know that CBS was pursuing Tony Romo for the role of the lead color analyst for their National Football League coverage", Chris Simms wrote on Twitter. "When this opportunity came up, I didn't have to think long". If I'm going to sit here and be honest with you, yeah that's what I would envision happens.

"Once it was presented to me, I really didn't have to think long about it".

That will be Romo's job now.

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As for Simms, he heads to the studio after two decades in the booth. I'll be happy to offer some advice and he's free to take it, but it's like in football.

He said he would advise Romo that "it's quick, it goes fast. I am looking forward to the next phase of my broadcast career".

"It's excited about the challenge", he said.

Said McManus: "I think if anybody has watched him on Showtime they will understand that he's an incredibly opinionated analyst".

"I think Phil is vastly under-appreciated and part of that is the overreaction to social media", McManus said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. He doesn't mind mixing it up in a respectful way with other analysts. "One was Verne Lundquist, which I think was handled incredibly well. As I said, we've been talking about if for a while and this year for a variety of reasons turned out to be the flawless year to make the move".