Stephen Colbert Pays Tribute to David Letterman's Late Mom

Apr 13, 2017, 01:17
Stephen Colbert Pays Tribute to David Letterman's Late Mom

But she was also the mother of David Letterman, the longtime late-night talk-show host who enlisted her to appear as herself alongside a stable of popular recurring characters that included the like of stage manager Biff Henderson, curmudgeon Larry "Bud" Melman (real name: Calvert DeForest) and others.

Becoming an unlikely star in her 70s because of her famous Hoosier son, Mengering's first on-camera appearance happening during the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. She interviewed athletes and celebrities, one time asking Hillary Clinton if she could help out her son with all those speeding tickets he got in CT. "I'm telling you, Mom-you could have a career in television!" People are eager for families to be like they used to be. In the first, held in Lillehammer, Norway, she interviewed then-first lady Hillary Clinton, asking a hard-hitting question about the CT speed limit, which nabbed her an invite to the White House. They have a 14-year-old son named Harry.

In 1996, she published a cookbook called Home Cookin' With Dave's Mom, featuring recipes for "Dave's Fried Baloney Sandwich", "Jan's Sauerkraut Balls" and "Gretchen's Salad Dressing".

On YouTube, poster Mitch Tuchman claims, "On July 31, 1990, Dave Letterman called my dad by mistake when he was trying to call his mom in Indianapolis". She graduated from Linton-Stockton High School and then studied business skills at Indiana University, traveling back on the weekends to Linton, where she met H. Joe Letterman, a church organist and grower of fine dahlias and gladiolas. "The beard is a good reminder to me that that was a different life".

She died a day before Letterman's 70th birthday.

That interview earned her a visit to the White House. "It was like that to me", Letterman said, according to Zinoman.

The host's spokesperson confirmed Dorothy's passing last night.

She did, however, say: "I'm so grateful that at this time in my life I'm able to do this".

"I'm in hell. I will always be in hell until the day after, when I will go to hell", he reportedly told Late Show writer Steve Young, as they were preparing a monologue in which Letterman revealed all about the blackmail attempt to his audience. "The best part of it for me was that she got through the three weeks with some dignity".