Teen killed by shark attack in Western Australia

Apr 18, 2017, 01:39

A 17-year-old surfer was killed by a shark on Monday off Australia's south coast.

Police later confirmed she had died from her injuries, tweeting their condolences and describing the attack as "devastating".

This is a developing story.

Authorities have also since closed Wylie Bay until further notice and have advised people not to enter the water for the next 48 hours.

Police, ambulance and Esperance Marine Rescue treated the girl on the beach before she was taken to Esperance Hospital in a critical condition.

Sky News Australia reported the teen's mother and sisters witnessed the attack from the beach and that her mother called emergency services. Patrols are being organized for the area to commence on Tuesday morning.

The Evening Standard reported that shark attacks have gone down in Australia to fewer than two attacks occurring per year.

The type of shark was not officially identified, but a medium-sized great white was reportedly seen in the area, according to the New York Daily News.

Sean Pollard lost both hands in a shark attack at the same beach in 2014.

One month earlier, Ben Gerring, 29, died after having his leg severed by a great white shark at Falcon Beach.