The moment APRIL THE GIRAFFE gives birth - footage shows the calf's arrival

Apr 17, 2017, 04:50
The moment APRIL THE GIRAFFE gives birth - footage shows the calf's arrival

However the zoo's owner Jordan Patch admitted that there was some uncertainty about when the calf was conceived. This is generally done to prevent inbreeding but the zoo maintains they are not in a rush to separate the calf from the mother. The father of the calf, Oliver, is now 5 years old and this will be his first calf.

In fact, all mammals, including humans, nearly never give birth on the expected due date because biology is not an exact science.

The park is now closed to the public and will open in mid-May.

Sacramento Zoo's local giraffe expert Melissa McCartney explains why April still has not given birth.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe have been glued to Animal Adventure's livestream of the pregnant giraffe. The proud papa is a 5-year-old giraffe named Oliver. People around the world have been tuning in daily. April seemed calm as she strolled around her pen, then occasionally stopped to lick and check on the two little legs dangling from her behind.

A contest will be held to decide on a name for the calf.

A NY zoo's livestream video of its pregnant giraffe is showing her giving birth. The YouTube live feed meant to stream April's pregnancy briefly went down, leading some conspiracy theorists to suspect the giraffe's expectancy was an elaborate April Fool's Joke.

A zoo spokesperson says the delivery could take all day Saturday. April was expected to give birth mid-February but up until now, she's already way past her expected due date and the days keep on passing.

April the giraffe gave birth to her fourth calf early Saturday morning, putting an end to the wait that had kept millions of people across the world on the edge of their seats. The event was livestreamed, and at its peak, no less than five million viewers tuned in.