Trump's Mar-a-Lago Kitchen Gets Hit With Health Violations

Apr 14, 2017, 10:32
Trump's Mar-a-Lago Kitchen Gets Hit With Health Violations

Health inspectors looking at the food operation at Mar-a-Lago, President Trump's Florida resort, found 13 violations, including potentially risky raw fish and meat that was not properly cooled.

Mar-a-Lago, nicknamed the "Winter White House", has been slapped with a total of 55 citations since 2014, which is as far back as the state's database goes.

The report states that the fish created to be served raw or undercooked hadn't gone through the proper parasite destruction - kitchen staffers were told to either cook the fish immediately or throw it out. Intermediate heath code violations included lack of hot water at an employee hand washing station, a walk-in cooler in poor fix, and a reach-in cooler that was in such bad condition that the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation forbade Mar-a-Lago from using it to store food.

This weekend, Trump is making his seventh visit to Mar-a-Lago since becoming president. Click ahead to see inside Trump's Mar-a-Lago. In an unannounced inspection on January 26, Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation found 11 violations, including hotdogs, burgers, beef, shrimp, duck, and ham stored at temperatures above 41 degrees Fahrenheit, in two different coolers "not maintained in good fix".

The violations were discovered in January, days before Mr Trump hosted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for a diplomatic visit. One walk-in cooler was mistakenly set to defrost, according to the report.

And two of the coolers didn't work but were still being used to store perishables.

As for Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping, there's no indication anything was wrong with the chocolate cake.

The Trump Organization, which operates the family's business empire, did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.

"These infractions were part of a routine inspection and were not complaint-based".

According to the report, nearly all of the violations were immediately corrected.

President Trump has promised to make America great again. A statement from Mar-a-Lago pointed out that all of the urgent violations were corrected on the same day they were found.