Uber facing possible fine for drunk drivers

Apr 18, 2017, 01:32
Uber facing possible fine for drunk drivers

"Uber is always striving to offer the best earning opportunity for drivers and we are constantly working to improve the driver experience", she said. Uber initially claimed riders didn't need to tip because gratuities were built into its fares, but admitted in a proposed class-action settlement previous year that, actually, they weren't.

The proposal will also require formal introduction, following which a public hearing that will ask for feedback from members of the drivers community will take place. If I have a few singles on me, I'll try to do it, especially if the driver does something, like help loading a bag for a ride to the airport, or is just generally pleasant. "That's why, in New York City, we partnered with the Machinists Union (founders of the Independent Drivers Guild) to make sure current and future Uber NYC drivers have a stronger voice and launched a series of new tools and support policies for drivers". "Cuts to driver pay across the ride-hail industry has made tipping income more important than ever", said IDG founder Jim Conigliaro, in a press statement. Uber competitor Lyft and local ride-hailing startup Juno both have tipping options in their apps.

The company, which operates in 74 countries, says it now has 147,000 drivers on the Uber platform in California, accounting for almost one-fourth of its US total. Jeff Jones, Uber's former president who resigned recently, had advocated internally for in-app tipping. It said tipping is a top concern among its drivers.

The proposal follows a petition from the Independent Drivers Guild, a union-style association of drivers recognized by Uber, The New York Times reports.

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While the TLC has been careful not to name specific companies, the guild clearly designed its rule with Uber in mind.

Rules on tipping are a first step in a larger process to bring some of the income protections given to yellow taxi drivers to those in the for-hire world, the commission said in a statement.

In February the IDG delivered a petition asking the taxi agency to make it mandatory that Uber offer in-app tipping.

The cheap side of me laments that this would effectively make Uber more expensive for riders. Or, another way of looking at it: since its inception, Uber has refused to do right by its drivers and allow for tipping within its app. The average UberX driver in the state earned between $23 and $24.50 an hour in October 2015, but after expenses like gas and vehicle insurance, the typical driver in NY was left with a bit more than $19 an hour. "They have to work much harder and longer hours to earn the same amount of money they did when Uber came on the scene".