United Nations votes to close Haiti peacekeeping mission

Apr 14, 2017, 10:35
United Nations votes to close Haiti peacekeeping mission

The end of the operation comes at a time when the United Nations is facing a serious financial crunch as Washington, which contributes 28 per cent of the $8 billion peacekeeping budget, has said it will be reducing its payments. Despite a "zero tolerance" policy and the repatriation of offenders, the inability to stop often poorly trained and ill-disciplined troops from abusing civilians has been a major stain on the U.N.'s credibility and reputation.

The 15-member Security Council acknowledged the completion of Haiti's presidential election, along with the inauguration of its new president, as a "major milestone towards stabilisation" in the Caribbean country.

The Security Council is scheduled to vote Thursday on a resolution to withdraw the 2,370 military personnel by October 15.

China's Deputy Representative to the UN Wu Haitao said withdrawing MINUSTAH and replacing it with a smaller peacekeeping mission are in line with the progress of the situation in Haiti and can help the Haitian government to assume the responsibility of maintaining national security and stability.

Sandra Honore, the United Nations envoy for Haiti, told the council that as a result of successful presidential and legislative elections on November 20 and January 29 "Haiti's political outlook for 2017 and beyond has significantly improved".

Honoré said it was time to reshape the partnership among the worldwide community, the United Nations and Haiti, with a view to monitoring concerns such as human rights issues and ensuring that progress made since MINUSTAH's 2004 establishment endured.

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The draft resolution says that MINUJUSTH, in addition to helping train the police, should assist the government in strengthening judicial and legal institutions "and engage in human rights monitoring, reporting and analysis". A 2004 rebellion had the country on the brink of collapse, leading to deployment of the United Nations force, and Haiti has been trying to get its shaky democracy on a firmer foundation ever since.

He also reiterated the responsibility of United Nations troops after the recent pandemic of cholera, saying "apologies are not enough, material compensation is necessary".

Some Haitians are anxious that the chronically dismal economy will get even worse.

At the same time, certain people in the motorcade denied the truth of the facts characterized as "terrorist acts" by Moise, who took office two months ago. I just see them drive by here like they are on a holiday, ” said Jean Wilnive, who sells live poultry from a perch near a bustling Port-au-Prince intersection.

With the Council's support, a joint transition plan would guide the handover, underpinning the gradual transfer of tasks to the Government, the global presence and the United Nations country team, thereby paving the way for the closure of the peacekeeping chapter in Haiti.