Wikileaks Is a 'Hostile Intelligence Service' Aided by Russia — CIA Director

Apr 14, 2017, 10:39
Wikileaks Is a 'Hostile Intelligence Service' Aided by Russia — CIA Director

CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Thursday called the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks a hostile intelligence service and said the group would soon face decisive USA action to stifle its disclosures of leaked material.

The CIA director rejected Assange's reasoning that WikiLeaks had the right to publish documents that WikiLeaks obtained, arguing that the right to free speech does not apply to non-Americans.

"Our defense will not be static" against WikiLeaks, Pompeo said.

"So that might suggest to you what level of certainty we could ever hope to present to the commander in chief".

Pompeo touched on the importance of having them aboard as a full fledged partner against the terrorism threat. "No, don't laugh, I mean that". This is not insignificant.

The Obama administration adopted conciliatory policies toward Iran, such as failing to support anti-government protests in 2009 and playing down hostile Iranian activities in the region. He added that Russian Federation would continue to try to meddle in elections in the United States, and was doing the same in Europe.

A former congressman from Kansas who briefly served on the House Intelligence Committee before being nominated by Trump to lead the nation's top spy agency, Pompeo has nearly entirely withdrawn from the public spotlight since taking over the helm at the CIA.

Pompeo went on to equate Assange's slapdash Wikileaks approach with Edward Snowden's carefully considered and by most accounts legitimate whistleblowing, which naturally he dismissed as "treachery" because it wasn't "discreet" enough.

Pompeo spoke briefly about the bomb targeting ISIS that USA forces dropped in Afghanistan.

Trump, for his part, embraced Wikileaks during the campaign, saying he was glad that it released Clinton's e-mails. He then cited various examples of WikiLeaks working against the interests of the United States, including working with Chelsea Manning to leak classified documents in 2010.

Trump and his team "are voracious consumers of the product we develop", he said. "Busted, 19,252 e-mails from DNC leaked by WikiLeaks".

"It is risky, and ..." "We've got to strengthen our own systems; we've got to improve internal mechanisms that help us in our counterintelligence mission", Pompeo said.

The first step, according to Pompeo, is to call these groups out for what they are, just like he did Thursday.

On Russian President Vladimir Putin's response to the Syrian chemical attacks, Pompeo condemned his disinclination toward the truth.

"These are not reporters doing good work, to try and keep the American government honest, but people actively recruiting agents to steal American secrets with the sole intent of destroying the American way of life", he added.

In a wide-ranging conversation, Pompeo spoke on everything from Russian Federation to North Korea to cybersecurity.