Windows 10 Cloud may be the star of Microsoft's upcoming event

Apr 16, 2017, 01:45
Windows 10 Cloud may be the star of Microsoft's upcoming event

Kyle Pflug, senior program manager at Microsoft Edge, in a blog post released on 11 April on Windows Blog says the Edge browser on Creators Update uses 31% less power than Google Chrome version 57 and 44% less power than Firefox 52. Gamers can also link the software and its HoloLens headset. This will give users "more control" over when updates are installed, including options for scheduling the update when the device is not in use. Moreover, users who want to install the Creators Update on multiple machines should be able to install the update using the Media Creation Tool.

Microsoft's Major Nelson's video walks you through the new update. This can be done by simply signing up for the Windows 10 Update Assistant, which looks to simplify the upgrade process for PC users. This app will let users download the official Windows 10 CU ISO file, write it to an USB or DVD, and install a clean version of Windows 10 CU from scratch. However, Game Mode isn't a huge deal for those with high-end PCs.

The Game Mode feature aims to help improve "overall gaming performance and consistency by optimizing system resources more efficiently" for games.

Once the notification appears, you can select Review settings, or you can postpone your review by selecting Remind me later. In Paint 3D you can create 3D objects and scenes that can then be viewed in VR headsets. Essentially this is Microsoft's competitor to Twitch and is also available on the Xbox One. With the new program, you can zoom in and out, place objects at different depths, and adjust size, color and transparency.

Windows Ink: It allows users to draw or write directly on maps, photos and videos using the built-in Maps and Photos apps.

With the new Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is making some important changes to the way you set up Windows 10 on your PC. The update, though, is not small and it would eat a chunk of space, as well as data capacity. If you select the latter you'll need to burn it to DVD later. Windows Defender gets an upgrade with the introduction of the Windows Defender Security Center.

And there are now rumors that after Redstone 3, Windows 10 Mobile will be killed off.