WWE reports Roman Reigns suffered a separated shoulder on Raw this week

Apr 16, 2017, 02:00
WWE reports Roman Reigns suffered a separated shoulder on Raw this week

- There was a fan who created a petition to have Braun Strowman fired from WWE following his attack on Roman Reigns on Monday's RAW. It's the segment where Braun Strowman repeatedly destroys Roman Reigns in increasingly cartoonish fashion for what feels like twenty minutes or so, as the fans cheer and sarcastically chant "you deserve it".

Strowman's absurd destruction of the most unpopular top star in WWE history will go down as one of the most memorable segments of Raw, and not just because of its length. The Observer notes that it doesn't make since to keep Reigns vs. Strowman off Backlash as the next RAW brand pay-per-view isn't scheduled until June 4th, Extreme Rules, and Strowman vs. Lesnar has been scheduled for June or July.

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Unless, of course, the whole thing about the injuries was a damn dirty lie, Roman Reigns is fine, and he's basically no-selling the beating inflicted on him by a monstrous giant bear-man WHO IS STRONG ENOUGH TO LIFT AN AMBULANCE.

In addition to suffering cracked ribs and internal injuries at the hands of Braun Strowman during The Monster Among Men's savage assault on Monday, Roman Reigns is also recovering from a separated shoulder, WWE.com can now confirm. Before joining WWE, Strowman, real name Adam Scherr, competed in strongman events. Are you looking forward to seeing Braun Strowman build on the ambulance attack's momentum and defeat Roman Reigns at Payback, should this match be confirmed? The two are planned to work together in the short term, at least until Brock Lesnar comes back with the Universal title, at which point one of them will be challenging him for it.