• A North Carolina man was arrested on murder charges after his two young daughters, who had been reported missing and endangered, were found stabbed to death, authorities said. A report via WRAL cite...

    Mar 27, 2017, 20:35
  • NCAA Tournament: Xavier vs

    Tying the Mack vs. Miller series, after Sean Miller's Arizona won round one in 2015. They were bigger, faster, and more skilled than the Xavier big me...

    Mar 27, 2017, 00:43
  • Fights Break Out at Pro-Trump Rally

    There was a great deal of yelling, shoving, pushing and punching, and some protesters pepper-sprayed a group of marchers. Four counter-protesters we...

    Mar 27, 2017, 00:25
  • Republicans yank Obamacare repeal bill

    Representative Harold Rogers, a Kentucky Republican, said that GOP leaders in the House are "ready to move on" from health care and take on the next i...

    Mar 25, 2017, 00:23
  • Instagram hits 1 million active advertisers

    The new feature will help companies and advertisers know exactly how many people are actually deciding to book appointments or reservations after vi...

    Mar 23, 2017, 01:38
  • Loose snake slumbers on Alaska flight

    The flight attendant grabbed the snake by the belly and dropped it into a plastic rubbish bag. The pilot, who was flying the plane to Anchorage, Ala...

    Mar 23, 2017, 01:36
  • The Meals On Wheels Lie Keeps Rolling Along

    The budget also eliminates the $3 billion community block grant program, which some communities use to supplement Meals on Wheels and provide safety...

    Mar 21, 2017, 00:39